How to achieve a higher level of cleaning across aged care

There are many strategies cleaners and aged care owners can implement to ensure a facility is free from physical debris and dirt. However, simply removing visible dirt from a surface cannot guarantee that it is clean and free from harmful bacteria.

The team at Rubbermaid Commercial Products is passionate about creating cleaning equipment and tools that specialise in eradicating visible and invisible particles from surfaces. When implemented in aged care facilities, the products can assist in achieving a higher level of cleanliness. As a result, the safety of staff, aged care residents and visiting families can be ensured, as they are less likely to contract infections from the air, surfaces and other people.

The following blog investigates how those working in aged care can attain an optimum level of cleanliness using Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

Remember that cleaning the floor is as important as cleaning other surfaces

It is essential staff are cleaning floors across aged care centres as often as possible. Bathrooms and kitchens should be cleaned with a disposable mop head at least once every two hours. Other floors should be mopped with microfibre mop heads at the end of each day or when physically soiled, whichever comes first.

Though mopping may not seem as essential as cleaning surfaces, it is vital in achieving the optimum level of cleanliness in aged care facilities. This is because dirt and bacteria from shoes can pile up exceptionally quickly on the floor. When given the right conditions to grow, including dark, warm environments, this bacteria can spread to other surfaces, causing infections to circulate throughout the premises.

Clean before disinfecting to guarantee a higher level of clean in aged care

Cleaning refers to removing physical debris from premises or surfaces. In an aged care setting, this could involve polishing toilets, wiping medical spills from surfaces or removing crumbs from chairs and tables. Sanitisation, on the other hand, refers to removing particles and pathogens. These particles and pathogens often carry infectious diseases, which are a leading cause of sickness, especially in environments where resident immunity may be compromised.

To ensure these atmospheres are visibly clean and free from bacteria, cleaners and workers of aged care must clean before they sanitise. This removes any spills or materials which may act as a breeding ground for bacteria. It then allows cleaning staff to guarantee they wipe the entire surface with sanitising equipment. Doing so will confirm no bacteria is left behind to grow and spread between cleans.

When cleaning and disinfecting, the team at Rubbermaid Commercial recommends using two Hygen Microfibre Cloths. One will clean up physical debris and spills. The other will work with your selected sanitiser to ensure all pathogens are picked up rather than spread throughout a room.

Ensure environments are dust-free to keep aged care residents and guests safe

Dust grows rapidly, especially in high-reach locations which may be overlooked, such as window sills and above airconditioning units. Dust can carry infectious pathogens and bacteria, such as the COVID or Influenza viruses. When blown around the room, this may infect patrons or residents of aged care facilities. It can be incredibly damaging to residents who may be wary about their health.

Cleaners should be provided with the appropriate Overhead Dusting Tools in their cleaning carts. Any overhead cleaning tools supplies by Rubbermaid Commercial Products have also been crafted to capture dust; so it doesn’t spread throughout the room.

It is also recommended specific areas are documented in cleaning schedules to avoid negligence.

Rubbermaid Commercial provides effective aged care cleaning solutions

The team at Rubbermaid Commercial Products is passionate about helping aged care owners ensure their premises are as clean and infection-free as possible. With a range of products and cleaning tools available, owners of all aged care premises are likely to find the solution they need to minimise bacteria and the transmission of infections.

If you are looking to maximise your cleaning efficiency, contact the team today to get started.