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Commercial Cleaning Solutions

No matter if you’re an established franchise or a smaller start-up, your business will always need a reliable and efficient commercial cleaning solution. This is a critical piece of business operations that cannot be overlooked.

For the best commercial solution available, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® has you covered. Our line of durable, commercial-grade products and innovative solutions meets the needs of any industry.



Having a clean hospital or health care facility goes beyond expectations - it can be a matter of life and death.



Everyone knows the importance of having clean quarters for hotels, motels, hostels, lodges, cabins, and more. Even the slightest bit of dirt or mildew in a single room can do irreparable damage to a hotel’s reputation.



Stores, shops, and supermarkets must remain clean and enticing to encourage customers stick around and return again to keep buying goods.



Simply put, no one is going to eat at a dirty restaurant, no matter how many stars it receives.



Whether it’s for employees, partners, or potential clients, maintaining a clean office space ensures the image of a professional enterprise.

Despite the fact that all commercial operations need to maintain pristine facilities, each industry will have its own specific smart commercial cleaning solution needs.


How a commercial cleaning solution helps

The right commercial cleaning solution plays a crucial role in bolstering the image and perception of a clean facility, office, or shop. An efficient and reliable commercial cleaning solution can further maximise productivity and provide greater cost savings and value for a company.

At home, we only need to clean once a week or maybe just twice a month if we’re lucky. Commercial enterprises simply cannot go that long in between cleanings, and must be regularly maintained. This frequent usage puts a strain on the products.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products® provides products and solutions with industry-leading durability and constructed of the highest quality materials. If it’s from Rubbermaid Commercial Products®, it’s made to last.

On-site mishaps will happen. From spills to drops, no one is immune to accidents and mistakes. On top of all that, there’s just natural dust accumulation, people tracking dirt and mud across the floors, and the risk of sick employees or customers spreading germs on door handles and phones. A good commercial cleaning solution will also keep employees, customers, clients, and contractors ahead of the curve on health and safety issues.

How a commercial cleaning
solution helps

Even if your company outsources cleaning services to a third party, these are all reasons to maintain an easily accessible stash of commercial cleaning supplies at the ready.

Below are just some of the ways Rubbermaid commercial solutions continues to reinvent the market with innovative commercial cleaning solutions.

Cleaning and Safety

The right commercial cleaning solution plays a crucial role in bolstering the image and perception of a clean facility, office, or shop. An efficient and reliable commercial cleaning solution can further maximise productivity and provide greater cost savings and value for a company.

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Microfibre Cloths and Mops

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ disposable microfibre provides superior and versatile environmental hygiene for any enterprise. These innovative clothes with built-in zigzag scrubbers are perfect for removing dirt, grease, and even live pathogens, with a 99.9 per cent microbe removal claim.

Healthcare cleaners can use HYGEN™ microfibre cloths and mops for these recommended applications:

microfibre cloths

Floor Care

The impact that the cleaning of floors regularly has on a business should not be understated. The floor’s appearance can greatly affect the first impressions of guests, clients, and customers.

Most of Rubbermaid commercial mops - dust mops, wet mops, spray mops, damp mops, scrubber mops, room mops, and more - all utilize microfibre technology to boost grime removal.

Buckets have come a long way since simple metal pails. For instance, the Rubbermaid WaveBrake incorporates moulded-in baffle technology that lowers water splashes out of the bucket up to 40 per cent. This leads to better mopping, cleaner facilities, and safer floors. Compared to the roughly 860 cycles of average injection-moulded wringers, the WaveBreak wringers can last more than 40,000 cycles. That’s the Rubbermaid durability you can rely on.

dusting devices

Dusting Devices

Dust and cobwebs show up everywhere. There’s simply no escaping from them. And while a corporate office or a retail shop might be strategically designed to enhance profitability, the arrangement of filing cabinets, shelves, and desks can be prohibitively difficult to clean without the right equipment.

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ microfibre flexible dusting wand easily takes care of pesky, hard-to-reach places. The wand bends to reshape for better cleaning of surfaces.

spill protection

Spill Protection & Safety Signs

Giving guests, clients, customers, and employees a heads up that there’s been a spill or there’s a wet floor improves safety all around.

Cleaning and Housekeeping Carts

Mobile storage of cleaning supplies is paramount for ensuring optimised efficiency. Rubbermaid’s cleaning and housekeeping carts come equipped with more storage space, more waste capacity, and more versatility than other options. This reduces emptying and refilling times, while also keeping the storage of cleaning supplies highly organised.


Waste Management

For more than 50 years, cleaning professionals have trusted the durability of Rubbermaid commercial waste management products. Even in the toughest of environments, these waste bins are built to last.

waste management

Slim Jim Containers

These sleek bins are designed to optimize space while delivering the most efficient solution for collection, transportation, and disposal of multi-stream waste and recyclable.

The Slim Jim containers with venting channels allow for liner removal that’s 80 per cent easier than traditional bins. This, along with handles at the base and rim of the container, all work to improve productivity and even reduce injury risks.

Meanwhile, the Slim Jim Step-On Containers fit in the tightest spaces, and are pedal tested up to 30,000 cycles to prolong longevity. These slim profile and small footprint bins ensure fire safety for regulatory compliance and are factory mutual certified.

spill protection

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® can help

As a manufacturer of innovative commercial cleaning products, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® remains committed to helping commercial facilities stay clean. From providing durable and easy-to-use products to ensure cleaners can work efficiently and productively, Rubbermaid has the right commercial cleaning solution for enterprises of any size.

Looking ahead, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® continues to innovate new commercial product offerings and re-invent product categories to keep improving cleaning solutions for companies in every industry.