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Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

While ensuring patient and resident care and satisfaction is naturally the top priority for healthcare providers, maintaining a clean, sterilised facility isn’t far behind on the priority list. Doctors, nurses, and aged care specialists simply cannot deliver the best possible healthcare if they’re practicing in a room that hasn’t been optimally cleaned or if a resident’s room gets contaminated.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® understands the crucial role played by well-trained cleaning staff equipped with the best healthcare cleaning products in cleaning healthcare and aged care facilities. Rubbermaid remains dedicated to providing durable, high-quality healthcare cleaning solutions for facilities of all sizes.


Who cleans healthcare facilities?

In many instances, cleaning healthcare facilities involves a group effort from both internal staff and contractors. A 2018 survey by the International Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Infection Prevention and Control work group asked 110 health care professionals, representing 23 countries, to assess the current cleaning practices in healthcare settings around the world. Although the study encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities, much can still be unpacked from its findings.

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The resulting assessment of the survey discovered:

Healthcare employees mostly carried out the cleaning of clinical areas in 57 per cent of responses. In these instances, 82 per cent of respondents said the facility had dedicated cleaners, while 14 per cent said nursing staff handled these duties, and 4 per cent had shared responsibility between nursing staff and dedicated cleaners. However, only 70 per cent of facilities reported training employees responsible for the cleaning and disinfection processes.

Meanwhile, an external contractor cleaned clinical areas in 34 per cent of responses, and 9 per cent had shared cleaning duties between nursing staff and outside cleaners.

The researchers concluded that both high- and low-income countries needed an appropriate and accessible reference standard for healthcare cleaning solutions.

Rubbermaid Healthcare Cleaning
Supplies and Products

The right healthcare cleaning supplies and products are crucial for cleaning facilities and maintaining rigorous infection control. An effective healthcare cleaning solution also bolsters the facility’s image and perception, which further increases patient satisfaction.

Consider this sample of different products for different hospital areas, health clinics, and aged care facilities available from Rubbermaid Commercial Products®

HYGEN™ Helps

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ disposable microfibre cloths and mops utilise built-in scrubber technology along with a 99.9 per cent microbe removal claim. This makes HYGEN™ microfibre system the ideal solution for streak-free and deep-cleaning environmental hygiene. The microfibre cloths are compatible with quat and both the mops and cloths are safe to use with bleach.

Healthcare cleaners can use HYGEN™ microfibre cloths and mops for these recommended applications:

  •  Occupied Patient Room
  •  Discharged Patient Room
  •  OR Terminal
  •  ER
  •  ICU/Isolation Room
  •  Nurses’ Station
  •  MRI/X-ray Station

Healthcare Floor Cleaning

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A regular mop and bucket doesn’t cut it for effectively cleaning the floors of a healthcare or aged care facility.

That’s why Rubbermaid designed the executive HYGEN™ Microfibre Charging Mop Bucket in conjunction with Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Damp Mops and Quick-Connect tools. These provide healthcare cleaners with a “no touch” system that’s safe for use in MRI rooms. The charging bucket’s design prevents oversaturation of microfibre mops and reduces cross-transmission and contamination when swapping mops for different rooms.

The bucket also features a built-in measuring guide for cleaning and disinfecting solution that, when effectively used, allows for cost-effective supply management and more efficient cleaning of floors.

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Healthcare Cleaning Carts

cleaning carts

Going from room to room and from clinical areas to operating theatres, requires a mobile cleaning cart that’s still large and organised enough to efficiently get the job done quickly.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® offers high-capacity and high-security cleaning carts specifically designed for healthcare and aged care facilities. The high-capacity healthcare cleaning carts come equipped with additional storage and waste space. The high-security cleaning carts include locking cabinet doors and hood in addition to removable disinfecting caddies.

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Use with hospital cleaning chemicals and agents

chemicals and agents

For healthcare facilities to get a truly deep clean, they need the right cleaning chemicals and agents that effectively counteract infection-causing pathogens and bacteria. This includes the cleaning of equipment and cleaning of other surfaces. However, overexposure to these harsh chemicals and agents can make general commercial cleaning equipment deteriorate over time.

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Flexi-Frame is constructed with proprietary material capable of withstanding bleach and peroxide degradation while still removing 99.9 per cent of microorganisms.

Rubbermaid’s PVC-Coated mesh headband mops resists chemicals while many of Rubbermaid’s cleaning carts have chemical- and water-resistant surfaces.

Staff should always check with a manager before using any chemicals or agents in conjunction with a specific piece of cleaning equipment. Sometimes chemical-free options are more appropriate. The damp mopping microfibre pads of Rubbermaid’s PULSE Mop Kit are a lightweight cleaning solution that staff can use with or without chemicals. Plus, these pads can be used hundreds of times with regular washing.

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Ease for cleaning staff

cleaning staff

Although healthcare and aged care facilities need to be cleaned to perfection, cleaning staff must also do so quickly. Not only has Rubbermaid designed products and solutions specifically for optimising healthcare cleaning but also to increase efficiency and productivity of the cleaners.

For instance, the easy-to-use Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Equipment decreases time need to change handles and poles on mops and brooms.

At the same time, the extension poles allow cleaners to easily clean even the most hard-to-reach spots.

Meanwhile, the Rubbermaid PULSE™ Microfibre Floor Cleaning System lets staff clean more square metres in a fraction of the time it takes traditional floor-cleaning methods. Cleaners using the high-capacity Rubbermaid PULSE™ Caddy can clean up to 929m2 in a single filling. This means fewer refills and more time for cleaning.

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Healthcare and Aged Care Cleaning with Rubbermaid

As a manufacturer of innovative healthcare and aged care cleaning solutions, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® remains committed to helping healthcare facilities keep clean and improving patient care and overall satisfaction. From providing durable and easy-to-use healthcare products to ensuring cleaners can work efficiently and productively, Rubbermaid has the right healthcare cleaning solution for facilities of any size or practice.

Looking ahead, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® continues to innovate new healthcare product offerings and re-invent product categories to keep improving cleaning solutions for hospitals and health care providers.