These cleaning tips will ensure your healthcare cleaning staff always clean effectively

With the right cleaning resources and procedures in place, a hospital or healthcare centre should significantly reduce the number of bacteria and pathogens on its premises. However, there is one more factor in the equation when considering the cleanliness and infection control of healthcare. This is the effectiveness of the cleaning staff. 

Unfortunately, no matter how experienced they are or how many staff are on the premises, if they are using the incorrect cleaning procedures or are cutting corners, the infection control of healthcare services will significantly drop. Though there will always be instances of negligent staff, most cases of poor cleaning and sanitisation are the result of forgetting the procedure, improper training or becoming complacent. So, to enhance cleaning and reduce the likelihood of HAIs, cleaning staff must always adhere to the highest standards. 

Some tips to help them ensure they are cleaning healthcare venues effectively include: 

Train them on each product more than once 

The main contributor to poor staff performance when cleaning is under training. When a staff member first starts at a new job, they will receive a brief induction and some on-the-job training. However, after this, many healthcare cleaners may not receive continual training. This means that when using tools, such as Rubbermaid HYGEN or heavy cleaning equipment, they may inadvertently do so incorrectly. An example of this would be that they clean in the wrong direction or that they use launderable microfibre for too long, which decreases the effectiveness of the cleaning. 

Staff should receive re-training constantly, which can come in many forms. Conducting this correctly will guarantee the use of healthcare cleaning products is always maximised. Some ways re-training can occur include: 

  • Using the Rubbermaid training portal
  • Testing staff on the spot with job-related questions 
  • Overseeing their job performance and correcting behaviours 
  • Creating mentoring programs where staff look out for one another 
  • Creating a rewards-based training program where staff are encouraged to improve their cleaning habits for a reward

These re-training tactics will work to different levels of effectiveness based on the type of healthcare cleaning staff present in the business. So, it’s best to test multiple approaches to uncover which contributes best to the cleanliness and sanitisation of healthcare businesses. 


Remind healthcare cleaning staff about their responsibility

Whether they’re new workers or experienced workers, healthcare cleaning staff may occasionally forget about the duty of care they have over the health and well-being of patients. Reminding them about the importance of their role to protect the health of others can help them find the reward in their role.

This sense of heroism and duty can subconsciously drive healthcare cleaners to ensure all areas are sanitised with a deeper level of care and attention. It will also ensure they use the right procedures, practices and materials for each clean. This includes using the Rubbermaid Cleaning Products HYGEN Microfibre for surfaces and BRUTE waste bins to dispose of rubbish correctly. 

Encourage positive reinforcement amongst cleaning staff 

Positive reinforcement is one of the number one ways to encourage good behaviour, especially in the workplace. Managers and owners of hospitals should be sure to speak positively to cleaners doing a good job to encourage them to continue cleaning and sanitising the entire healthcare environment to perfection. 

Positive reinforcement can also be a catalyst for personal development. Should a member of the healthcare cleaning staff feel they aren’t cleaning the space to their best ability, this positive relationship with their workplace and co-workers may encourage them to seek further training or resources. 

Healthcare facilities that use a contracted cleaning company rather than their own staff should also investigate the company to guarantee this positive work environment is encouraged. This can elevate the duty of care that external workers have over the premises they are cleaning and sanitising. 


Rubbermaid Commercial Products are the best match for healthcare cleaning staff 

Healthcare cleaning staff need the best equipment and cleaning resources to make sure they are leaving a space as clean and infection free as possible. The Rubbermaid Commercial Products range supplies some of the most innovative cleaning resources on the market. Contact the team to find out more today.