How can the Slim Jim recycling station benefit hotels?

Waste management is a complex system, especially when businesses want to improve their impact on the planet. It requires significant waste sorting, which requires extra employees, time and funding. This can significantly impact a business’s profits and create bottlenecks that can reduce staff productivity in the long term. 

Though the impact is large on all businesses, it is extraordinarily bigger on hotels and businesses in the hospitality space due to the high volume of customers they attend to each day. With bins in each room, common area, dining area and outdoors, it can mean that the waste management process is significantly heightened. So, utilising tools and resources that can help improve sustainability without coming at an extreme cost to businesses is essential. 

The Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station is the ideal tool for guaranteeing that hotels can achieve this. The following blog seeks to explore this further: 


The Slim Jim Recycling Station uses a colour-coded system to make recycling easier 

Ensuring that recycling waste does not end up in landfill is one of the number one ways that businesses can offset their carbon footprint. This is because plastic, glass and paper can be reused time and time again. Doing so slows down the production of raw materials and can reduce the number of emissions that are let into the atmosphere each day. With a colour-coded recycling system in place, the Slim Jim Recycling Station reduces the need for waste sorting staff at the back of the house in hotels. It does this by prompting people to dispose of their rubbish in the right bin, so it can be sent to the correct sorting plants. 

The colours available in the Rubbermaid collection include: 

  • Blue for Paper
  • Green for Glass 
  • Red for Plastic 
  • Yellow for Cans 

The system in place, being easy to understand, makes it easy for staff to guarantee that waste is disposed of correctly, but for all guests to implement. For this reason, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team recommends having the bins available in all public access areas, including outside of elevators on each floor, in dining areas and at the concierge. Though it would be inefficient to have these bin systems set up inside each guest room, staff can also encourage guests to recycle their materials using the bins outside of their room or to leave all of their recyclable waste in a designated spot for cleaners to sort into the correct bins.


The Slim Jim Recycling Station is durable and easy to use 

As well as providing benefits to a hotel’s ability to be more sustainable, the Slim Jim Recycling Station also boosts efficiency during commercial cleaning and can help businesses save money. It does so in two key ways. 

Firstly, the bins and lids have been made from durable commercial-grade materials. They are superior in quality and can withstand the test of time, UV and constant use. In the long term, this means that business owners will be required to spend less on replacement and management fees for their waste management systems. 

Not only this, but the Slim Jim Bins have innovative venting channels, which makes removing bin liners up to 80% easier. For hotel cleaners and staff, this significantly reduces the time required to heave out and replace bin liners. It also lowers the chances that workers can injure themselves on the job due to over-exerting their arm, wrist, shoulder or back muscles. For employers, this reduces the chances that they will need to pay fees for work cover expenses. 

The Slim Jim Recycling Stations can also house all forms of bin liners, including biodegradable options to help businesses eradicate their negative impact on the planet. 

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As the Slim Jim Recycling Station is a newer product on the market, the Rubbermaid Commercial products team understands you may require more information. Feel free to reach out to them at any time to find out more and to place your order.