Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ tips for fresher bins in hospitality

Waste is present in all facilities, whether it be an upscale hotel or a restaurant kitchen. However, if waste is not managed correctly and efficiently it can quickly become a hub for harmful pathogens, which can impact the health and safety of those around the waste. For this reason, many businesses understand the importance of having appropriate waste disposal systems and bins on their premises. Though, there are many things these businesses can do to ensure that these bins look cleaner and also pose less of a health risk. 

The following blog, therefore, explores bin cleanliness and how to increase the infection control procedures revolving around bins to ensure hospitality businesses can uphold a good reputation and clean atmosphere. 

Use separate bins for separate waste to prevent cross-contamination 

It may be difficult to achieve the above in small hotel rooms, though using separate, colour-coded bins in common areas is highly achievable for hospitality businesses. Doing so can ensure that infectious waste, such as food waste, is segregated and changed more frequently to prevent bacteria build-ups around bin resources. On top of this, it can also allow hospitality businesses to become more environmentally conscious by providing them with the resources to sort their waste correctly. This means that recyclables won’t waste away in landfill and will have a second life. 

The Rubbermaid Commercial Team recommends the Slim Jim range, which is colour-coded accordingly to help people understand where their specific waste item belongs. It also has a sleek and unobtrusive appearance, making it well-suited to hospitality businesses that want to maintain a sense of prestige and luxury. 


Keep lids on your hospitality bins at all times 

Bins without lids can be a hotspot for bugs and flies. Should they make their way into the bin, they will quickly lay eggs, which can then lead to infestations. This is most common in bins that store food waste, as they carry a food source for these pests. It’s important to note that this is still possible around any bin, even though holding general waste or recycling. 

To curb this, it is recommended that bins in hospitality businesses are all equipped with lids. This includes outdoor bins. Owners and managers can choose between countless solutions, including the BRUTE Utility Bin with a Lid or the Step-On Slim Jim Bins. They should select the solution that is best suited to their circumstances to ensure that customers and staff use these resources correctly. 


Empty bins frequently to prevent bacteria and bad smells from building up 

Even if bins are not full, waste that is left to fester for too long can become hazardous, especially if the waste was already potentially infectious. To prevent smells and bacteria build-up, this means that bins need to be changed at a minimum of once daily. Though, it’s critical that this doesn’t mean bins aren’t changed sooner should they need to be. Some reasons a bin may need to be changed earlier in a hospitality setting include: 

  • The bin is already full or is nearing capacity 
  • A dangerous substance has been placed into the bin, such as broken glass 
  • Wet residue has begun to leak or spill from the bin, contaminating floors and walls 
  • The bin is already nearing a safe weight to lift and empty

After changing bins, even those used for less harmful waste, such as paper, all bins must be sanitised. We recommend doing so with a Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfibre cloth to guarantee that all harmful pathogens are eradicated. Doing so can protect the new bin liner and ensure that newly-changed bins do not quickly become infectious. 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is here to provide sanitisation tips and support 

The team at Rubbermaid Commercial Products understands that not every business owner and employee understands their cleaning and sanitisation needs. Which is why we’re here to help. Should you have any questions about what we can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our friendly team will kindly guide you through the product range and make recommendations best suited to your business model.