Cleaning innovation: Meet Rubbermaid Commercial’s industry-leading cleaning technology

Cleaning technology has made remarkable strides over the past few years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Primarily, this is because business owners and company figureheads also need to factor facility cleanliness into their customer experience to ensure they maximise sales, foot traffic and product conversions.

Statistically, according to The International Journal of Consumer Studies, many customers now consider the cleanliness of environments before making a purchase decision. For example, if customers walk into a hospitality business, such as a restaurant, and see that tables are soiled with food waste, they are likely to go elsewhere. A similar thought process would occur for those booking a hotel as patrons would search through cleanliness reviews as a benchmark for what they can expect. Choosing the cleanest and most sanitary environments builds a sense of security that customers can visit a premises without falling ill.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products provides only the highest quality cleaning tools to ensure all businesses can achieve the highest level of cleanliness. They include:

Cleaning and safety products

The most popular products supplied by Rubbermaid Commercial Products include HYGEN Microfibre Cloths and HYGEN Microfibre Mops. These microfibre products have undergone significant innovation to ensure they are of the highest quality. As such, they have also been manufactured under strict control procedures to guarantee they can pick up invisible pathogens from surfaces. This can prevent bacteria and germs from spreading across a surface, where they can infect patrons, guests and employees.

The range also includes colour-coded mopping equipment and best-quality cleaning accessories to prevent the risk of cross-contamination amongst worksites. The Rubbermaid Commercial team recommends workspaces source different coloured cloths and mops for each type of room to maintain an optimum level of cleanliness. Despite the innovative cleaning technology supplied by the team, this would include using different mops for kitchen and dining areas. Doing so can prevent the accidental, potential spread of bacteria, especially if mop heads haven’t been changed every two hours.

Material Handling Cleaning Technology

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products team understands that some cleaning tasks require various pieces of equipment. On top of market-leading cleaning and sanitisation products, the team supplies equipment to improve efficiency while maintaining cleanliness.

The Material Handling Equipment range includes material carts and cart accessories. They can help separate contaminated materials, such as dirty linen, used dishes and rubbish, from areas without contaminating clean supplies. This can save cleaners and staff from taking multiple trips back and forth and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination at the fault of human error.

Cleaning staff must remember to wear gloves or wash their hands between touching clean and soiled materials. Otherwise, this can compromise the success of cleanliness protocols.

Waste Management Cleaning Solutions

All businesses and facilities are likely to have a bin or waste disposal unit on site. However, business owners and managers may neglect to consider the effectiveness of these solutions. For example, bins that aren’t equipped with bin lids can expose patrons and workers to airborne infections.

In the same way, bins that aren’t changed at the end of each work day can attract pests, no matter how little waste is in them. Rubbermaid’s industry-leading cleaning technology extends to waste disposal units, including indoor bins and outdoor bins. These bins are all equipped with suitable lids to prevent airborne pathogens from spreading.

The Rubbermaid Commercial team also supplies high-quality recycling bins and units to help businesses make a push toward being more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Rubbermaid is passionate about providing the best-quality cleaning tools

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a leader in the industry for providing some of the best cleaning products and supplies. The team is passionate about embracing innovation and new cleaning technology to ensure business owners always receive the best products.

If you are a business owner, manager or employee interested in learning more, you can contact the team HERE.