Function Centre Cleaning Protocols: Ensuring Guest Safety with Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Off the back of the COVID pandemic, functions such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events are back in full swing. For this reason, the function centres, which went largely unused for a few years, are now in high demand, some being used multiple times a day. In large-scale settings, these rooms could even house thousands of guests at once. For this reason, function centres must adopt strict cleaning protocols to avoid the spread of bacteria and infection.

Fortunately, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products range specialises in cleaning high-volume settings effectively and efficiently. When used correctly, it can assist cleaning teams achieve a higher level of clean in less amount of time.

Therefore, this blog highlights the best cleaning protocols for function centres.


Cleaning supplies and their uses when cleaning function centres

As mentioned above, function centres can be busy places. One contaminated person, when placed in the right conditions, could accidentally spread germs and bacteria to each guest at the venue. This was noted during the COVID virus, as many party guests would become sick as the result of a singular infected person. Therefore, implementing cleaning tools specialised in picking up pathogens can ensure that the premises are free from germs when the function begins.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products range also extends beyond cleaning before and after the event. With hand soap dispensers or hand sanitiser stations available, the Rubbermaid range ensures that guests are provided with the best chance of avoiding infection possible.

The best cleaning products for function centres: Rubbermaid HYGEN

Amongst all infection control education topics available online, one common theme that can be observed is that microfibre is one of the leading ways to ensure surfaces are clean and infection free. The Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfibre range is one of the most innovative solutions on the market, backed by a brand with over 50 years of innovation behind it. For this reason, it is one of the best at picking up pathogens in all settings. This makes it a necessity when working to eradicate bacteria before, during and after events in function centres.

The HYGEN range can pick up and trap over 99.9% of pathogens, including Human Coronavirus OC43. In particular, various cloths should be used for different rooms, such as the kitchen, dining and bathrooms of function centres. This can reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The best means to do so is through colour coordination, which is available through the Rubbermaid range.

The HYGEN range is also available in the form of launderable mop heads and disposable mop heads. These are suitable for cleaning all tiled, linoleum, wooden and hard flooring to eradicate bacteria. Having them handy on the premises can be incredibly useful for all function-centre events, regardless of the celebration, especially in the event of an accident.

To guarantee that Rubbermaid HYGEN is most effectively used, function centres should consider keeping low-profile cleaning staff on shift during the event.


The best waste management products for function centres: Slim Jim Bins 

While bins can distract from the appearance of a function centre, they are a necessity in helping curb the spread of bacteria and infections. For example, should someone use a tissue to wipe their nose, the tissue then becomes a host of bacteria. If this is placed on a surface or touched by someone else, it increases the risk of infectious bacteria growing and spreading throughout the premises. Whereas, should this tissue be placed in the bin, the only bacteria that remains is that on the user’s hand. This bacteria can then be removed by sanitiser, as mentioned above. As a result, bins on the premises reduce the chances of pathogens spreading from person to person significantly.

The same principle can go for all types of waste, from napkins to food scraps and food wrappers.

The Slim Jim range was created with practicality and small spaces in mind. Though function centres tend to be quite large, this bin alternative takes up minimal space, meaning it won’t detract from the decor or theme of the event.

The best cleaning products for function centres: Ensure food waste is removed as soon as possible 

Food-borne bacteria can be ferocious, especially if given time to fester. During staffed functions, where waiters may be serving food to guests, it’s vital the staff also pay attention to how quickly the plates and dishes are removed from the tables. Not only can this prevent a build-up of bacteria, but it can also stop food from potentially ending up on the floor, which can make an event look and feel dirty.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products range has a selection of service carts which can speed up the process and avoid trips back and forth to the kitchen. These carts are durable, made to work in small environments and glide seamlessly to protect damaged crockery.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products is here for your cleaning and sanitisation needs 

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products team are experts at understanding what you need to do to keep your function centre clean and infection free. Contact the team to find out more and discover what you can do to enhance the cleanliness of your premises.