How to improve cleaning productivity in cleaning staff

Many commercial businesses in the post-COVID world are currently experiencing labour shortages. For example, cleaning company, S’pore, has admitted to facing a 40% labour shortage, which has forced them to turn down new jobs and contracts. Many others also face the same fate. The primary reason for this is that during the pandemic, many cleaners shifted to other professions, took early retirement or decided to return to studying. However, many new businesses have also opened off the back of the pandemic and need cleaning services. This has put a strain on already limited resources. 

The following blog aims to show cleaning company owners and business owners how they can improve their cleaning productivity, even with limited staff. Should businesses implement these steps effectively, they are inclined to also see an increase in productivity, profits and new contacts when the labour shortage crisis ceases. 


Improve cleaning productivity by implementing training and development 

Though training and development days are costly to a business, they have a multitude of benefits. In a cleaning and sanitisation context, it can open employees up to new innovations or cleaning practices that they may not have known. These are essential in ensuring that staff can clean and sanitise as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of their job. 

Contrary to popular belief, not all cleaning and sanitisation training need to take away from days of cleaning productivity. The Rubbermaid Commercial Products website has a range of online training resources available that can help staff upskill within a few hours. The team can also facilitate physical training and development where necessary. Contact them today to find out more.

Good cleaning productivity relies on good tools and resources 

Cleaning productivity can be heightened or compromised based on the tools and resources supplied. For example, cheaper cleaning materials may not hold water and chemicals well, meaning staff need to continuously refer back to a mop or cloth bucket. In the same way, a low-quality broom or vacuum may miss debris, meaning staff need to clean every area twice. 

Providing staff with the highest-quality cleaning products on the market may come at a higher cost, but the payoff will be significantly greater. This is because higher-quality cleaning products, like the Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfibre range, have been specifically innovated to eradicate pathogens, dirt, dust and grime more efficiently. They also trap pathogens in their fibres to ensure bacteria is minimised across all premises. Essentially, this means that cleaning productivity can achieve an all-time high, and the quality of the cleaning process is simultaneously improved. 

It’s important to remember that good cleaning products extend past the microfibre in use. Other cleaning resources that can improve cleaning productivity include: 

Improve cleaning productivity through good communication 

An employer must communicate their expectations to their employees. Communicating with them through multiple means is the best way to do so. For example, having weekly meetings with cleaning staff can point out the positives and negatives of their cleaning productivity. Then, writing a detailed cleaning schedule or cleaning checklist gives them a step-by-step guide on the expectations of the job at hand. 

Communication in the form of positive reinforcement can also improve cleaning productivity. Primarily, the reason for this is that staff will appreciate the recognition. This makes them more inclined to continue achieving the highest level of cleanliness. 

Should a business owner notice that cleaning productivity is low, communication can also explain why it is vital for staff to improve the efficiency of cleaning. This communication may even come in the form of a rewards system where employees can earn days off or company-paid lunches for achieving their KPIs. 


Rubbermaid Commercial Products will improve your cleaning productivity 

At Rubbermaid Commercial Products, we supply a range of highly innovative cleaning products. These products can not only improve cleaning efficiency but can improve the reduction of bacteria and harmful pathogens in spaces. Contact the team today to find out which products are best suited for your commercial premises.