What are the benefits of the new Wheeled BRUTE?

The Wheeled BRUTE is one of the latest innovations from the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team, and it’s already making strides in the waste management field. Predominately, its design focuses on ergonomics and innovation to accelerate the cleaning process while minimising the chances of workplace injuries which can be costly to business owners. 

The following blog, therefore, explores the new Wheeled BRUTE, its benefits and why this is a must-have cleaning resource for businesses in all industries. 


The Wheeled BRUTE is made to last 

The team at Rubbermaid Commercial Products are passionate about creating cleaning, sanitising and waste management solutions that withstand the test of time and excessive use. The Wheeled BRUTE is no exception to this. Made from recycled materials, including recycled plastic, and crafted with the finest manufacturing processes, the Wheeled BRUTE is one of the most durable waste management containers in the Rubbermaid range. 

The Wheeled BRUTE can carry heavy loads 

Due to its ergonomic and innovative design, the Wheelend BRUTE can carry loads up to five times heavier than other solutions on the market without compromising the health and safety of workers. It achieves this through a variety of factors, including: 

  • The ergonomic handle is designed to require less force when moving heavy loads up to 250 pounds. This reduces the strain on the shoulders, arms and elbows while simultaneously reducing the number of trips employees need to take back and forth to ensure all waste is removed from the premises. 
  • The handle design also allows employees to maintain proper back posture at all times. Doing so avoids excessive strain on the spine and aims, which can take employees out of work for weeks at a time. This saves businesses money they otherwise would have had to pay in work-cover expenses. 

Due to its capacity to carry heavy loads while maximising safety, the Wheeled BRUTE is a fantastic solution for businesses handling heavy waste, such as construction companies. However, it is still effective in other companies where waste management occurs at multiple points, including hospitals and university campuses. 


The Wheeled BRUTE works over rough terrains 

Some wheeled waste management solutions in the market currently struggle over terrains that are not traditional concrete. This is because the wheels have been designed with a particular surface in mind. Fortunately, the Wheeled BRUTE’s DuraTread never flat wheels allow even the heaviest loads to move seamlessly over rough terrains. 

This includes but isn’t limited to rocky surfaces, grass and even sites that may have uneven ground, such as worksites. 

With the never-flat wheels in use too, owners of The Wheeled BRUTE can rest assured that their waste-management solution can always be relied on when rubbish needs to be removed from the premises. These wheels can also boost productivity as loads can be easily transported, which cuts down the time it may have previously taken for workers to make their way across difficult terrain. 

The Wheeled BRUTE can be used by businesses in all industries 

While the Wheeled BRUTE is tough, it doesn’t mean that it can only be used by businesses operating in heavy or rough industries. This innovative waste management solution is effective in all industries. 

For example, in hospitality, the bin can be used to store dirty linen as opposed to cleaning carts. It can also be used in hotel restaurants to carry food waste. The venting channels of The Wheelend BRUTE also guarantee that removing bin liners is seamless, which can avoid back, shoulder, arm and neck injuries. 

As another example, The Wheeled BRUTE can also be used in aged care settings to dispose of cleaning resources, such as disposable microfibre, food waste and medical waste. 


Learn More About The Wheeled BRUTE From Rubbermaid Commercial Products 

If you think the Wheeled BRUTE is suited to your business, but you want to learn more first, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team is always happy to help. Contact the team today to find out more about this waste management solution.